Why Outsourcing your Shop-Fit will Boost your Business

There are so many moving parts and elements that go into a successful business fit-out and it’s an evolving process. Initial plans can change during the process and more extensive work can be required. As a business owner, having to project manage a business fit-out can be incredibly demanding, especially if you don’t have any experience in the area.

Outsourcing your shop-fit to a team like ours at SpaceFit, gives you the peace of mind that experienced professionals with the contacts, insight and know-how to take a project from inception to completion, are taking care of your plan.

Project Management

If you’re coordinating a fit-out yourself then trying to organise tradespeople, timelines and services to all coincide can be incredibly challenging if you don’t have contacts already. Especially when you consider the range of work that goes into a fit-out, including partitions, ceilings, soft flooring, plumbing, decorations and joinery works. Having to vet, interact and manage lots of different specialist tradespeople is no mean feat and a difficult task for experienced management professionals, let alone a novice.

Taking this on for the first time can be overwhelming, which is why we offer our services and guide your shop-fit from start to finish.

This leaves you to concentrate on your business and the other daily tasks that are integral to success.

Network of Contacts

We can identify exactly the type and amount of tradespeople that are needed for a project and also arrange ad-hoc help for unexpected changes. Our network of contacts is high-quality, experienced and used to working with us on a range of different jobs. We’ll also ensure that all of the health and safety requirements and regulations are met on the job and that all contractors and tradespeople have the necessary certificates and training.

We’ve vetted everyone we work with and will only work with the best people for the job, ensuring that your business-fit will be high-spec and state of the art. Fit-out contractors will have direct relationships with us already that have been built over time. We’ll also have connections with suppliers, which means that we can source reduced material costs.

Budgets and Additional Costs

There can be unforeseen circumstances or requirements that occur throughout a job. Our team are experienced at handling budgets and providing evaluation reports as we carry out a fit-out. We can help to deal with issues that may incur additional costs or let you know about any costs that have been omitted.

This means that you won’t get hit with a gigantic invoice at the end of your fit-out that you weren’t expecting. We can deliver you with regular progress reports and help you to manage expectations for your business fit-out.

Safe Hands

Essentially, our service helps you to get on with the rest of your business tasks and ensure that a professional, high-quality fit-out is organised for your business. We have years of experience between us and every job gives us new skills and knowledge to take forward into our next project – which could be your business!

For more information about a business fit-out and to get in touch, contact our team at SpaceFit today.

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