Happier Workforce, More Productivity

Designing an effective shop fit and interior fit-out isn’t just informed by customer needs. It’s really important that you think about your employee happiness and wellbeing too. Research shows that we work harder when we are happy at work and a big part to play in this is the environment that we work in.

Overcrowded and cluttered conditions can make it more difficult for employees to carry out their job roles successfully – an effective design leads to better focus, concentration and an ability to move and think freely.

Here at Spacefit, we’re experts in creating environments that are conducive to increased productivity.

Tailored to Employee Needs

We consult with your business and employees to gather as much insight and information as possible about the inner workings of your operation. Conducting research allows us to design an interior fit-out that’s strategic and puts employee needs at the heart of it. Creating a space that allows for easy collaboration between employees, information-sharing and the ability to move efficiently within a space is a top priority.

Including the thoughts and ideas of employees helps us to design a space that will be beneficial to their work pattern and role.

Designed for People

Most of us spend a massive amount of our time at work, so making sure it’s a happy and healthy environment is better for everyone’s long-term wellbeing.

There are lots of simple, straight-forward ways to make work environments healthier places. One of them is good lighting. Natural light is beneficial for employees and customers and if you can take advantage of it and leave space by windows/doors uncluttered, you’ve got a natural boost to energy and morale available to you. Open space by windows creates prevents light blockage and creates more openness.

Another is the colours and tones that you use in a fit-out. Different colours can have a psychological impact on employees. For example, a dark dingey work environment can lead to a flat mood, with more demoralised staff, especially in winter. Bright, clean colours can make a space seem more light and airy, which leads to a better mood generally and a less stifled atmosphere.


Having busy, cluttered interiors can create a feeling of claustrophobia for your employees. If they don’t feel as if they can freely, flexibly move around an interior – it can prevent them from getting from A to B efficiently and carrying out their job roles properly. Reorganising a space, so that everything is organised and set-up in a way that makes sense for employees can lead to less stress at work and a promote a more relaxed atmosphere.

Making sure that employees have what they need for specific job functions nearby means that they don’t need to waste time and energy looking for tools in other areas.

Clean, clear and tidy spaces can have a great mental impact on employees, so using a professional service to design an environment with these values at the forefront makes business sense.

For more advice and tips for your own business interior fit-out, contact our experienced team today.

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