5 Top Tips for a Successful Shop-fit

Fitting out your retail space can be an overwhelming task – here at SpaceFit, we’re here to help take care of all of your concerns and use our years of experience to optimise your space.

With lots of different factors to consider and the upheaval of rearranging your shop layout, it’s important that it’s carried out with the knowledge and know-how that’s needed for a great fit out.

Attracting customers and making their experience as comfortable as possible to get them to buy and return to your shop too.


It’s integral that your shopfront is clearly marked and clearly accessible. Not doing this properly can create an obstacle before you’ve even got customers through the door. Ensure that your shopfront and access points as open and accessible as possible. Wheelchairs and prams need to be able to move freely and enter your shopfront easily.

Have correct signage, logos and branding, so that customers can clearly notice a visually appealing shopfront.


Just like your shopfront and entrances, the entire layout of your shop needs to be designed in an accessible way. Customers need to be able to easily find what they’re looking for and have a pleasant experience while they’re shopping for it. Planning and laying out a store with the customer experience in mind is a top priority for any retailer.

Guide a customer around a shop space by optimising the space you have and subtly designing the layout, so customers can find what they need and there will not be a build-up of merchandise or people blocking them from doing this.


Lighting is often overlooked when organising a store, but it can have a big impact. You can create a certain ambience, depending on what you’re selling and the shopping experience you’d like to design.

Super bright lighting can present your shop clearly and show off your merchandise, but it can also be off-putting when you’re selling certain services or items. It’s worth considering different lighting in different areas of your shop too and how to use it differently in changing rooms etc. Making decisions about types of bulbs and lighting can also help with energy efficiency.


How you lay out your shop can also help you when it comes to security aspects. If your shop is difficult for employees to navigate or bad for optics then they might miss security breaches. Try to organise and implement your CCTV system and think about whether you’ll have clear vision when you look at footage – put your cameras in places where it’s easy to see customers.


Where you place certain items and categories of merchandise in your shop is really influential. High-value items can perform better in certain places in your shop than others and popular items can be your way to guide customers where you want them to go in your shop. Use your popular items as your focal point and design your layout around them. Spur of the moment items can be worth putting near your tills too.

For more advice about designing your shop layout contact our experienced team today at SpaceFit.

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