Goldsmiths – Warrington

Project Duration – 14 weeks


An interesting and challenging project which involved taking two adjacent retail units and combining them into one unit which we then fitted out to form a retail store. The shutters for both stores were removed for service repairs and floor preparations began. Next, we altered the sprinkler systems to suit the new store layout and proceeded to construct the partition walls. Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing works proceeded to take place whilst we began to construct the walls to the mezzanine. We also assembled niche displays and installed a new ceiling and new doors. The entrance portal was modified, and ceramic floor tiles laid. Further to this we wallpapered the branded walls and installed a new shopfront, carpet, and wooden flooring. As we reached the end of the fit-out, tiles were fitted to the shopfront portal and external signage was installed. Finally, furniture was positioned, and the fit-out was completed. The result was an exceptional retail space.